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DIY: Waterproof and coldproof box for raspberryPi

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  • DIY: Waterproof and coldproof box for raspberryPi

    Hi there,
    I'm running on a raspberryPi 3b with the FlightAware Pro Stick Plus dongle connected to the SIRIO SPO-1.09-6 antenna.
    I was wondering if any of you folks built a waterproof case for the above.
    I live in Poland so in winter there is a lot of snow and rain, temperature can be up to -20Celsius (even for a few days in a row). I live in a flat and have a storage box outside which can cover the set from the rain/snow but I'm not sure how it looks if it comes to the high humidity and minus temperatures. I believe that the raspberry and dongle can produce some heat which in the closed box can keep the temperature around 0 Celsius.
    If you have any tips or maybe created similiar box I'd love to see it.

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    Do not go for totally hermetically sealed box. Because any cable can bring in moisture, and than you will get this:

    Therefore, leave some small holes, and bring the cables inside from the bottom, not above like in this picture.

    Furthermore, I just posted the graph of my Rpi, on similar location, but with a bit warmer climate (-10 to +40 C):
    So, you see, even when I have two 3mm holes in the bottom of the box, and cables are a bit loosely going through the holes, it still manages to be quite warm. Works for almost a decade now.

    The box above is Gewiss watertight box, pretty common. I think it is this one:
    Feel free to use whatever you like or have on hand. This one is a in the middle of price range, I am using them for 20 years now. There are other products with similar quality and even better price. Of course, if you go for all-metal, the price will be way higher, but you do not need all-metal case.
    Anyway, IP55, and sometimes, if location is under some cover, even IP45 can be good enough.