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Looking for guides on complete roof antenna installation (grounding etc)

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  • Looking for guides on complete roof antenna installation (grounding etc)

    I recently bought this collinear antenna​ along with the 10m 50 ohm low loss cable. Although I've now attached it to the roof (to a 2" PVC pipe, 360 degree clear line of sight, away from anything that might interfere etc), I now have the other end of the cable dangling off the roof. I suspect there's still quite a bit more involved in installation besides simply pulling it through an open window, attaching a rattail to it and plugging it into my USB receiver. Common sense tells me there's grounding, lightning, and signal loss/boost things to consider.

    While there seem to be no end of posts in here and other forums regarding building DIY cantennas and even DIY collinear antennas, there doesn't seem to be much written about these other matters. I found one youtube video showing someone installing the end of the cable into an outdoor junction box and into some sort of grounding widget, where a copper grounding wire can be attached that leads to a grounding post. But that was for some other type of system and I don't know if that's the sort of thing I should be doing.

    Apart from that video and an endless number of TV antenna installation guides, for some reason I can't find much on installing a collinear antenna besides how to mount it. I'd appreciate it if someone could point me to any existing sources of information on this. I'd like to know:
    - must I install a grounding junction thing or is that simply a nice-to-have?
    - I live on top of a mountain and literally on top of bare rock. There's no way to drive a length of copper rod into the ground without large scale drilling equipment. Can I feed a ground wire into the nearest wall outlet? The house must be grounded somewhere but I'm not about to install hundreds of feet of copper wire to snake around the house to connect to wherever this ground is.
    - Can I simply have my 50 ohm cable come in through an open window? Is this a stupid idea if the antenna gets struck by lightning? It seems stupid. I'm happy to mount a junction box on the outside of the house and drill a hole through the wall if that's what's needed; but the strange lack of any mentions of this aspect of installing a roof antenna makes me wonder if it's either optional, or so obvious to the experts that they don't think it necessary to mention it!

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    there are a lot of people over at the flightaware forums that could help you out. Antenna setup is regularly discussed and their forum is much more alive then this one.