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I'd like some recommendations to buy an antenna, not build one

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    Alternative might be a airspy mini but that needs an addtional LNA and the cost is twice as high as the prostick plus.
    Availabilty is an issue in all of europe at the moment, maybe look for a 2nd hand dongle ?
    Other SDR's like Radarbox or RTL-SDR v3 can give good results (I have them both as a back-up and have tested them) but in my opinion they are not as good as the Flightaware pro stick.


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      I am looking for the flightaware stick plus in our second hand online stores in Germany and have a "searching agent" running. No success so far.

      Maybe I will get the radarbox stick without the antenna, catch up the signal with the SK antenna mentioned here with the good cable, until FlightAware Stick is available again.