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Is Raspberry Pi 4 1GB enough?

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  • Is Raspberry Pi 4 1GB enough?

    The instructions for building one's own ADS-B receiver look quite straightforward but I have a question:
    It specifies a "Raspberry Pi model 3b+ or higher". As the title says, will the 1GB version of RP 4 work (and work well)?

    I have a long history of designing and building electronics stuff from scratch, including quite complex circuits using hundreds of components; but they are mostly with analog and discrete logic devices. I know just a smattering of Arduino and simple MCUs and next to nothing about Raspberry Pi.

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    the pi4 with 1 GB of RAM will do without issues , Pi 2 also does the job and that has 512 MB RAM


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      Thanks for clarifying that.
      Non-mass consumer technical products tend to be more expensive in my country, especially the associated RTL-SDR & antenna set. Since the Raspberry Pi will be used exclusively as part of an ADS-B receiver, I'm exploring ways to minimize expenditure without compromising quality.