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Two Antennas on one receiver

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  • Two Antennas on one receiver

    Hey folks,

    I just started my journey on air traffic monitoring. I'm running a raspberry pi and in the beginning used an old rtl stick flying around, now I switched to a radarbox stick which improved the results dramatically (from ~40 to ~90nm). Now I did build a nice radome antenna to increase even further.
    Due to the way how my roof is, I may not easily attache the antenna right on top of it, but I can attache the antenna on the gables of the roof. So I wonder: could I just make two antennas and attache one on each gable? In my silly imagination I would think I could just use an Y-connector to connect both to the antenna port of the receiver. Would this work?

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    There will be some interaction. Both antennas will probably pick up the same signal but because of the physical separation of the antennas, the signals will combine out-of-phase which could cause distortion, cancellation or enhancement. You can also have increased sensitivity in some directions and nulls in other directions. You won't cause any damage doing this. You could try one antenna at a time and look at the coverage pattern for each then combine them and look at that coverage pattern. Be a fun little exercise if you're able to do it fairly easily.