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  • best mobile antennae

    hello all, been a while since I've been on, so hope everyone is well.

    i have a uniden ubc 125 xlt radio, can anyone suggest the the latest best antennae i should be using for the best reception,

    thank you


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    Depending on how far you are form airport, vhf is at best directional also unless repeaters are near. Airbone stuff is usually pretty good on the standard wideband antenna. Vertical polarisation needed however

    There is a number of tuned DIY folded dipole plans out centred on 120mhz which you can fashion out of a length of coax with bnc on the end and a bit of bamboo.
    the centre makes one half, the shield the other

    I've started one in plastic tubing etc. Just not completed it yet as my tuning and impedance was off.

    But the scanner front ends are quite open so voice is often scratchy regardless.
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      I use receiver Grundig Satellit 750, which I purchased 15 years ago (in in 2008). It has built-in telescopic aentenna, and which is good enough to listen to AirBand communicatiins from inside my apartment.