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    I am looking to purchase a civil aviation airband scanner for my UK planespotting relative.

    After some quick research I am seeing that the Uniden UBC125XLT & 75XLT come recommended.

    My relative will only be using the scanner while at the airport they are spotting in to pick up tower and incoming/departing traffic

    I would appreciate any recommendations for beginner scanners that will provide a good experience, especially for at the airport use.


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    Just be aware that use of a scanner to listen to airband comms is still illegal in the UK - Just letting you know the risk is all.


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      Meanwhile there's live streamers at military bases either with the volume up or relaying what they hear..

      Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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        The UBC125XLT is a nice scanner, use it with a telescopic antenna instead of the rubber ducky and you will have a good coverage around a civil airport. As said look into the legal aspects of it since it can be illegal in some countries


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          Hey guys,

          I have developed a chrome extension which lets you find the same flight on other flight tracking sites (Radarbox, Flightaware, ADSBExchange).

          Blog Post
          Chrome Web Store

          It saves a lot of time for me, so I wanted to share that with the community it is open source and all contributions are welcome!
          Source code on Github