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  • Remote Locating the setup

    EDIT: The major point of this is that I would prefer to be hard-wired, and not WiFi to my router. But that's not entirely a deal-killer

    Hi all. This part "Survey" and part "What should I do"

    I want to locate my setup (Rpi, stick, power supply) in an outdoor enclosure near my mast.
    Which method I have tested has differing results. I already do not get my expected reception so do not want to degrade it further.
    What I have-
    1-Typical Rpi 4B+ and a stick (this particular setup is using the Green ANRB which has an integrated filter)
    2- Antenna Dual-Band Fiberglass 5dB gain at approx. 27ft AGL elev.
    3-The first 10' of cable is decent RG-58N to SMA,
    4-There is a 20' SMA extension which is that tiny thin stuff.

    Skipping the whole "How in the heck do I receive more aircraft that I should see" discussion... The goal here is to at least get what I have working better...

    We know cable length plays a significant role in signal loss. So I went roof-hopping and tried reception with the antenna and just the 10' RG58 and I do see an increase in acft rcvd. Put the extension back in and it drops.

    What are people doing:
    A- PoE would do this. A HAT is not an option. I don't like them for my own reasons. Simple injector / splitter setup seems quite adequate. (recommendations for brand, etc. welcome)
    B- Long USB cable would do it since I can put power at the site. (I can go solar and batter which makes the project more "fun")
    C- Long coax of greater size

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    Put a filtered LNA at the end of the 10' cable.
    Then the extension will barely matter.

    uputronics filtered LNA or rtl-sdr LNA should both work fine.
    Will need a biastee injector or an SDR that can inject 5V.

    After that replacing the 10' coax can still improve things but probably not much.
    Replacing the 20' thin coax might also still help but i doubt it when it's behind the LNA.


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      Thanks a planeload! I never would have thought to do it that way. I'll look at the uputronics to start with, I see their name a lot. And now, Ironically, I'll be looking to do PoC (Power over Coax) in a way instead of PoE since the LNA will need juice. I love a project that keeps giving projects. Cool! I'll report back.


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        I don't know your setup but for tracking progress some graphs can be very helpful:
        (you can also just install readsb / graphs1090 on most existing systems instead of starting over)