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My configuration stopped working as before, and I don't know why

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  • My configuration stopped working as before, and I don't know why

    Around an year ago thank to this forum support I've set up a radar using:
    • Jetvision A3 ADS-B antenna
    • Uptronics 1090MHz ADS-B Filtered Preamp filter
    • dump1090-mutability on Raspberry Pi B
    For an year everything worked (near) smoothly, having a range from 240 to 290 nm. Around a moth ago my range dropped to 80 nm and I can't figure out why .
    Do you have any idea why it could happen?

    My guesses:
    • Antenna/cable from roof damaged: I've checked but all of them seems ok;
    • Filter is not working anymore: actually I've noticed that unplugging the power to the filter (but keep all the others cables connected) does not change the range significantly. I've run the in three situations, here are results What seems strange to me is that nothing is showing around 1090 MHz when filter is inserted, but unfortunately I haven't any image of when everything was working. I remember anyway that before buying the filter I had a better range compared to no filter situation now, so I think that the problem is not the filter.
    • I've completely updated and restarted the rasp, so the problem seems not be software.
    Any idea?

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    Uptronics has two independent items:
    (1) filter
    (2) preamp.

    Please note filter dont need power, but preamp do need power.

    If preamp is healthy, removing/connecting power will make preamp to stop/start working, which will substantially reduce/increase the range. As removing/connecting power does not make any difference in range, most likely preamp has failed or may be your power supply adaptor has failed.

    The clearly show filter is working, and as filter dont need power, it is working under both conditions: with and without power.


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      Easy way to check the LNA: Run the setup without the LNA.
      If it gets better the LNA is toast.