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New setup not working

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  • New setup not working

    Good morning everyone,
    I had for >4 years a setup with raspberrypi+usb dongle+default antenna and (given the conditions) was working quite well, tracking aircraft easily around 150NM

    Now i had a proper 1090 antenna (vinnant made, i bought it 4 years ago) installed on the roof, connected with around 30m of cable (RG58 or R8, couldn't recall from memory) to the same dongle
    With this new setup i tracked 1 aircraft in 24h

    I made the rtl_test and the dongle appear to be working

    How can i troubleshoot this to be sure where the system is failing?

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    Can I check that the only thing that changed was the external antenna?

    Have you checked reception using the old antenna? And are the connections the same on both antenna?

    Radarspotting since 2005


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      Thanks for your answer Anmer
      Correct, the antenna was changed and the raspi moved to another location, but using the same power supply
      As the raspi in now in a rack inside a garage i would have no contacts anyway, i can only try to pub the raspi back where it was with the old antenna

      The new antenna connects through the RG58 cable and a SMA connector+MCX adaptor
      I checked with a multimeter and there is continuity between the coaxial core of the cable and the core of the mcx connector, as well as the earth


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        RG58 is not great cable but if it's what you were using before it should work as well with the new antenna.

        Check the SMA adapter isn't RP-SMA.

        Radarspotting since 2005


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          Before i was using the small TV antenna that came with the dongle, so i know the problem lies with the antenna someway
          i just would like to understand if it is a matter of connections or if the cable is too long, or anything else


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            I just checked and the cable is an RG8 Mini (50ohm)

            I connected all back to the default antenna and the setup started tracking again


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              Hi everyone,
              checking here on the forum, i can see that the antennas are normally mounted on wooden/plastic masts, while mine is bolted directly to an earthed pole
              Could this be the problem?

              Thanks in advance