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DVB-T PC Card? Help?

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  • DVB-T PC Card? Help?

    So silly question time, had a search and cant seem to find anything to help.

    I want to get set up using the DVB-T set up and before I go and buy a new USB dongle I just wanted to check if the current hardware I have is able to be used.

    I have a DVB-T card in my PC (a fairly ancient one from the looks of it) but I cant seem to find anything to help guide me as everything seems to be geared towards the dongles.

    I have a Hauppauge HVR-1200 card in my PC, any help would be greatly appreciated, or just to know it is a no go and I'll get a dongle instead.


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    No you can't use that, it's not the RTL chipset that's widely supported.

    Second link says Raspbian but it works on Ubuntu / Debian on normal PCS if you use readsb as a decoder.

    Feeding fr24feed from something that's not a Raspberry is annoying as their feed software is really old for non RPi platforms and doesn't work that well.


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      Thanks for the response, I expected as much but wanted to check before buying anything.