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Feeder Outage

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    If you want to single out if the problem is with fr24 feeder or with PI, then reimage your microSD card with Raspberry Foundation's Raspberry Pi OS Buster Lite (previously known as Raspbian) OR with Flightaware's Piaware SD card image 4.0. Run it for few days WITHOUT installing FR24 feeder, and check every few hours if Network / SSH failed or Pi crashed. If this happens then problem is with your PI or Network, and NOT due to FR24 feeder.

    If Pi does not crash or SSH/Network does not fail, install FR24 feeder and observe for few days. If PI starts crashing or SSH/Network fails, then problem is caused by FR24 feeder.
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      Problem solved. I installed an Powerline Adapter and connected the Pi via LAN cable. since then, the Pi is stable. So it looks like the Pi cannot manage short WLAN losses and quits full.