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    Hi can I put the ads-b receive antenna close to an ham radio shortwave transmit antenne and vhf/uhf transmit antenne, power on the transmit antenne 100 watt cw/ssb/fm

    Would my ads-b receiver damaged by the rf power of the transmitters ?

    i transmit on the following bands 80,40,30 and 20 meters shortwave and vhf 2 meters uhf 70 cm

    73 ph5c

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    I have no problem. I have a 1/2 size G5RV center tap tied to the base of my 1090 antenna, but there again I also have a Cavity Band Pass Filter before the dongle...

    Try to route your antenna feeds well apart, the closer the frequency to 1090Mhz the more likely to damage your dongle, so try to mount your 70cms well away from 1090 antenna, also poor SWR can be a problem.

    Note: 2m repeaters simultaneously transmit often using the same antenna at only 600Khz separation... but they can only do that using cavity filters.


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      My coco antenna is about 5 metres away from 50W on 2 and 70 into a comet antenna... no filters, no problems whatsoever !