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Not getting Londitude orLlatitude

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  • Not getting Londitude orLlatitude

    Checking my tracked aircraft I am not getting the full ASD-B data, can anyone point me in the right direction as to where the problem maybe...

    running RPI Mk3 B+ with FlightAware dongle (blue) using port 8754 to my PC
    fr24 fp.png
    When I go to the "Show Tracked Aircraft list" I get:
    fr24 list.png

    None of the tracked aircraft have Longitude or Latitude listed.

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    OK, not resolved but not an issue as DUMP1090 is showing Longitude and Latitude, maybe try reloading the software when I have time.


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      Some of those look like invalid hex = bad data,
      Some are small aircraft that may only ever give altitude and not position

      Or it could be result of shared data being output through same port to fr24feed.

      Have you added additional feeders that support MLAT feedback and edited any port/traffic settings during setup/install?
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        Thanks for the reply.

        But as far as I know, I set it up with all the default settings and I am not running anything else on the RPI.

        Seems it is not an issue with decoding as the DUMP1090 seems to be doing well, so will leave it for now, maybe when I get a few minutes I will copy the RPI24 image to another card and set that up and see whether it may be corrupted software on the card I am using at present.


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          Configure the correct location on the FR24 page?