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Mouse not working under pi24 cant access settings etc

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    Many thanks for the reply and info did not realize the gui is resource hungry but now understood


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      At last there is a web browser and also have now found you can high light the settings by hitting the tab key then hit return and it will enter the settings
      this is directly to monitor only ,not through windows the problem i have is im using a windows key board and not the raspberry supplied as it is faulty.
      So there must be info somewhere as to what commands to use on the key board can anyone help where i might find the commands thanks


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        Yes, I understand you are trying to do things on the Pi itself. With a monitor plugged in instead of a remote connection, no need to keep clearing that up.

        What is not clear is what are you trying to do/achieve doing that

        The whole idea behind Pi24, Is you set it up. leave it alone. And if you need to reconfigure it, use commandlines via SSH like sudo fr24feed --signup

        Or a web browser on any other device (even a mobile phone can) remotely - not with a screen and mouse attached

        It is called 'headless' like ABCD said, and is text based

        Keyboards are all the same. The only change is the actual windows button. Or others that linux cannot make use of. And in CLI/Console mode they are used even less

        That's why I said if you are lucky tab (move) and space (sometimes select) might work.
        - They are cross-platform/OS instructions that have been standard keys for years. TAB works in windows, Rasbpian OS, console, Browsers, Word processors

        Very few use the planes tracked screen or other links on that page to check it. Because it comes with so many other options such as built in map - from a web browser

        But that mostly applies to a GUI or application with a menu. Of which fr24feed is not

        • Use Tab to move from one focusable item to the next focusable item.
          • This sequential navigation sometimes is called "tabbing".
          • Focusable items typically are links, buttons, form controls (text edit, combobox, etc.), and all sorts of other interactive elements such as custom widgets.
          • Add Shift to reverse the direction.
        • Use Enter to:
          • Activate a link or button.
          • Send a form (when a form item has focus).
            • Works for all form elements except textarea.
        • Use Space to:
          • Toggle an element's state (for example checkbox).
          • Open or close an element (for example combobox).
        • Use arrow keys to:
          • Change the value of an item (for example in a combobox, a radio button group, or within a min/max value slider widget).
          • Move the cursor (for example in a text input).
        • Use Esc to:
          • Cancel a prompt.
          • Close elements like dialogs or expanded comboboxes
        So in the end, you are looking for commands? to do what exactly if it's already working?
        Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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          So what am i looking for very simple,turn on my monitor see the commands hit enter and bingo there are my aircraft why the heck do i need to turn one computer on to see the other computer
          after all the postings i found that the commands were there all the time funny no one else new what to do end off post!!!!!!


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            'see the commands' still has me confused I'm afraid.

            You can't just 'see commands'?. We need to put in commands for things to instruct things to happen

            Like sudo systemctl restart

            So what ones outside these (or TAB) did you discover to do what you wanted so others can learn too?

            If you wished to 'click' the 'show tracked list', like you would normally do in a web browser, or see what was tracked by your radar. I gave the potential TAB option for that. The developer's dont tell us if this is even possible so was complete guess work. Asking for more leads down a path of misunderstanding

            ​​​"why the heck do i need to turn one computer on to see the other computer"

            None of us can answer that, The software designers did it so as many people as possible can feed without needing to learn linux commands or knowledge. As a result we have to try guiding anyone wanting to do additional tasks.

            You're possibly the first person to point out that screen is even visible on the lastest image version. Most people still have the old version or use a remote ssh/browser.
            Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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              Wrote latest Pi24 image ver 2.2.0

              Connected to RPI following:
              - Keyboard
              - Mouse
              - TV (through HDMI cable)

              Inserted freshly written microSD card in RPi and powered up

              After login, Settings screen appeared
              Mouse does NOT work. This is the expected logical behavior, nothing wrong with it.
              Keyboard works. Moving to different fields by TAB key, entering data by pressing keys.

              To go to command line console: Ctrl+Alt+F2
              To go to Settings page: Ctrl+Alt+F1

              Pi24 2.2.0 - Settings on Monitor.jpg


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                Unfortunately, after making changes in settings, when "SAVE" button on monitor is highlighted and Enter Key is pressed, setting changes made are NOT saved. Instead they revert to unmodified one.

                This console in MONITOR is therefore useless, it is "View only".

                To edit settings, the only solution left is to SSH and modify file /etc/fr24feed.ini


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                  I was curious about the web browser as it was trying to bring up a map off aircraft tracked but as off yet not sure which keys to enter that page.


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                    No map option on MONITOR or TV connected directly to Pi

                    Only status/settings and command line console:

                    To go to Linux Console: Ctrl+Alt+F2
                    To go to Settings page: Ctrl+Alt+F1

                    To see map, open browser in your Laptop/Desktop connected to same router to which Pi is connected, and enter following address:

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