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50 or 75 ohm feeder???

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  • 50 or 75 ohm feeder???

    Just revamping my station after it totally failed last year.

    I replaced the antenna mast and now wondering if the feeder needs to be 75 ohms, the antenna is an old one and had an N-type connector and I assumed it was 50 ohms but now I am not so sure.

    If the antenna is 50ohm is the DVB-T stick or do I need a balun?

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    I think the consensus a wile back, was the stick/antenna will likely be 75 - designed for tv. But since we are only receiving and short lengths you likely won't see any performance hit.
    Some use RG6 - 75, some use RG8 - 50.

    I have my beast (not a tv tuner) hanging off some LMR400 with N-connectors. But doubt my pigtail matches.
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      Thanks for your reply. It is probably about 10 meters of RG213, my antenna is about 9 meters off the deck. 20200522_124255.jpg