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SCO-1090-MCX in the city?

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  • SCO-1090-MCX in the city?

    Hi FR24 community!

    Thanks for this amazing forum, there's a lot of valuable information.

    I'm currently using a small indoor antenna in the city and I really love this stuff!
    I'm thinking of installing another receiver at my house on the outskirts of town where I have clear skies and use the SCO-1090-MCX Antenna. I'll let you know how it goes!

    In the meantime, I was thinking about improving the reception here in the city. I live in a high building but I don't have access to the roof of the building. Luckily I have a balcony with a parcial clear sky 160-170 (not 360).

    In your experience, do you think it's worth installing an antenna like the "SCO-1090-MCX" in this case?

    Thank you very much in advance!