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NanoVNA - vector network analyzer 50 kHz to 900 MHz mod to 1.5GHz

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  • NanoVNA - vector network analyzer 50 kHz to 900 MHz mod to 1.5GHz


    Does any of you used a vector network analyzer to test your homemade antennas?

    On the internet there is one very popular and reasonably cheap analyzer which cover 1090MHz in its range
    It is "N1201SA" popular on aliexpres and similar webpages for approx. 180 and it has range 137.5MHz-2.7GHz which is good for 1090MHz

    However, I was trying to find even cheaper way of checking antennas especially for an amateur like me who don't want to spend too much money on testing, and 180 is still quite lot money.

    I found a device called NanoVNA it has a range of 50 kHz to 900 MHz which is shorter than we need.
    But there is a mod on internet, firmware modification which enable this device to run 10kHz-1.5GHz range which perfectly cover 1090MHz
    Has any of you have this device and used it for ADS-b after this mod ?
    I'm planning to buy one and give a go as it cost 25 which is way cheaper than 180 N1201SA

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    have a look at this website depending on what hardware you already have. You might only need to get a hold of a directional coupler


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      I didn't buy anything as of yet.

      Just trying to find a reasonably good option and good value for money.
      I just find out that you can buy NanoVNA already with upgraded firmware to 1500MHz it cost approx. 30 on eBay for a full set.

      If I was to buy set from your link then I need 12 for noise generator plus a RF bridge 8 - It comes a bit cheaper but become a bit complicated and I think it will be less accurate due to a number of connectors in the system. On top of that will be good to have quality and stable noise generator and good, stable receiving dongle(TXCO at least 1ppm) which will be more expensive than 12 and 8.