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Recommended web tools: + Google Maps Distance Calculator

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  • Recommended web tools: + Google Maps Distance Calculator

    If you want to know what's the shortest connection from point A to B on a sphere (~ as our planet earth), which is likely the approximate route along which a plane will travel (so called "beeline" or "as the crow flies"), I can recommend the following tools:

    • + Very simple to use: Enter text for origin and destination, confirm.
    • + Nice GUI:
    • Uses full available screen space
    • Shows linear/road/orthodromic lines next to each other for good visual comparison
    • Shows distance
    • + Results are saved as nice URLs, can easily be shared.

    2) Google Maps Distance Calculator
    • - Handling is a bit harder.
    • - Layout lacks a little bit.
    • + Add arbitrary origin/destination point simply by clicking on the map.
    • + Allows multiple sequential beelines.
    • + Further features.

    3) Related Wikipedia articles:

    Great-circle distance in English.
    Orthodrome, in German, but has better illustrations than the English article.