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Online - No Data after moving my setup

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    Don't forget the aluminium foil on the cardboard
    Cardboard alone won't help :P

    Good luck!


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      thanks for the tip.
      I tought it was one or another!


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        Cardboard won't block the electromagnetic waves from the tower, for that you need metal!

        So if you have some old sheet of metal lying around, you can use that as well.
        Should be as high as the antenna, and maybe half a meter wide.

        Then try to position it in the right spot between antenna and mobile tower.
        If it's half a meter wide, maybe put it 1.5 m away initially to see if it works.
        (will block a good part of the sky)
        I'm not sure how well it will work, but then you can move it further away to block only the tower.

        With a narrower piece of w/e you will need to put it closer to the antenna obviously.
        Think of the tower as shining light, and the antenna needs to be in the shadow.