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    Just checked connections of the dongle and the antenna and they are all OK.
    I got this screen on graphs


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      got an error

      Number of frequency hops: 286
      Dongle bandwidth: 2797202Hz
      Downsampling by: 1x
      Cropping by: 50.00%
      Total FFT bins: 9152
      Logged FFT bins: 4576
      FFT bin size: 87412.56Hz
      Buffer size: 16384 bytes (2.93ms)
      Reporting every 30 seconds
      Found 1 device(s):
      0: Realtek, RTL2832U, SN: 00001000

      Using device 0: Generic RTL2832U
      usb_claim_interface error -6
      Failed to open rtlsdr device #0.
      pi@raspberrypi:~ $


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        That error occurs if dump1090-fa is still running.

        Did you stop it as instructed?

        If you did, maybe the blacklisting isn't working, try this:
        echo -e 'blacklist rtl2832\nblacklist dvb_usb_rtl28xxu\nblacklist rtl8192cu\nblacklist rtl8xxxu\n' | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-rtl-sdr2.conf
        sudo reboot
        Then try again:
        sudo systemctl stop dump1090-fa

        and then the command to record the spectrum

        Looking at the graphs it could indeed be that you have a problem with strong interference.
        But the spectrum will show that better.
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          i had stoped the wrong one.
          I did
          sudo systemctl stop fr24feed
          running it now.



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            There it is


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              Somehow you uploaded a very small version.
              No matter, it looks very much like interference is the problem indeed.

              Let's try this:
              dump1090-fa-gain 29.7

              This will reduce the gain, maybe you'll receive at least a few aircraft that way.

              In regards to filters, you have a couple of options.
              There are filters by FA, those might work (the dark blue is better than the light blue filter).

              You can try your luck with one of the filters on ebay:

              The first 2 above would require a male to male SMA adapter to connect them.
              I have no experience in regards to the quality of these filters, but if they do what they say they do, they should work for you.

              You could also get one of the filtered amplifiers
              But that requires a bias-t to supply it with power as well.

              And last:
              Maybe by mounting the antenna in a different position or moving the RPi you can avoid the interference?
              Could you make a photo of where it's mounted on the antenna?
              If the FA antenna is mounted above everything else you have better chances of avoiding the interference.
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                Originally posted by sbnf View Post
                There it is
                Here are cut-out pieces

                Scan part1.jpg

                Scan part2.jpg


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                  IŽll try moving the antenna to the north face, it will be about 10 ft from the tv antenna so I can run another test.
                  Apart that, the one thing was changed is the power outlet from another circuit breaker. But itŽs hardly the problem. Just thinking outside the box rsrs. Just in case, IŽll try with an extension cord tomorrow.1090.jpg880.jpg


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                    disconnected the antenna and now I'm using a piece of protoboard jumper wire.
                    Immediately got a plane on tar and graphs start to show.
                    IŽm now running spectrum again to check differences.
                    will be back in 30 min



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                      This is the spectrum image with the jumper wire instead of the FA antenna.
                      scan jumper.jpg
                      scan jumper crop 1090.jpg


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                        Originally posted by wiedehopf View Post
                        Somehow you uploaded a very small version.

                        Maybe by mounting the antenna in a different position or moving the RPi you can avoid the interference?
                        Could you make a photo of where it's mounted on the antenna?
                        As my dongle has already a filter built in, will it not cause any problem with an aditional filter? (my filter is the FlightAware Pro Stick Plus FA-PROSTICKPLUS-1 ADS-B USB Receiver with Built-in Filter)

                        IŽll move the antena and provide you with the photo of it instalation, as soon as it stops raining. I need to remove a few roof tiles to acess the roof.

                        thanks again


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                          The problem with this dongle is that the amplifier encounters the signal before the filter.
                          This amplifier can be overloaded by strong signals or maybe the filter just doesn't remove enough of the signal.

                          Other filters are perfectly compatible with that dongle.

                          Did you try reducing the gain as suggested?
                          dump1090-fa-gain 29.7


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                            Yes, iŽm running at 29.7 now.
                            Checking on virtuar radar, I get planes taking of from SBNF (NVT) after 3nm up to about 12nm.
                            Planes passing to SBFL on a radiu up to 16nm south.

                            Really couldnŽt tought it would get so worst with antenna on the roof.
                            I had 180nm with it inside.
                            As soon it stops raining IŽll move the antenna.

                            Just fyi, still with "no data" on flightradar.


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                              Yeah, let's get your reception fixed first and then worry about what FR24 displays. (it sometimes doesn't display the feed status correctly but in this case i'm not sure if the reception is just too bad)

                              Well interference can be brutal if it's strong.
                              That is what is reducing your range that much.


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                                This is my antenna and the cell phone antenna on background.
                                in line around 1300 ft distant.

                                How I mounted the antenna. On same pole of digital / analog tv

                                Tomorrow, weather permiting, I lll run some tests moving the antenna.