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    I'm from Brazil and set up a receiver for Flightradar using a Raspberry Pi! I tried to leave as organized as possible according to the photos I have attached and to complement I installed an Active High Performance ADS-B Antenna 1090 MHz with 2.5 dBi gain; LNA amplifier, ca. 21 dB gain ... But I think my range is very weak .. I have the maximum range at 219nm and the antenna is installed at the top of my apartment over 50 meters high and in a region not too close to mountains .. Did I do something wrong or not get a better range?
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    The first basic check I'd make is to see what the range is without the amplifier. That will help determine what to do next.


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      Two easy steps to set benchmarks:

      What is the Maximum Range I can Get?

      Do I need a Filter? - Find RF Signals In Area


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        "Active High Performance ADS-B Antenna 1090 MHz with 2.5 dBi gain"

        So if it's really an active antenna, it has an LNA built in.
        Using another LNA will then stop power going to the LNA in the antenna and the LNA in the antenna will block the signal.

        Can you more clearly show which items you bought?

        Also make clear how you arranged the items, in particular what the device is directly below the antenna.
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          Sure, I bought aa Kit from called Active Diapason Antenna, this bundle contains the "Active Diapason" ADS-B Antenna (1090 MHz) and the 20 m Antenna Cable incl. accessories as Bias Tee, USB cable and mounting!

          I installed all the equipment as indicated by them and below the antenna I have only one Type Female Bulkhead to SMA Plug Male Cable adapter and the Bias Tee ... The Bias Tee is used to provide DC power into an antenna cable without interfering the existing RF path..


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            You can remove the power from the bias-t to confirm that the amplifier is indeed getting power.
            (reception should be much worse when you remove power from the bias-t)

            Are you sure it's 30m above ground? How many stories is it?

            If you are still running the original dump1090 that comes with the pi24 image, you can try this:

            Be sure to configure the location as described.

            Get the graphs as well:

            The signal level graph and message rate graph plus the range graph might be interesting.