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    Real World...Even though retired, it seems my adult kids still call me to help with some thing and or my wife finds some thing, or my 'day job' (share trading) race in Tokyo today as well as Bathurst (Australian super car race) etc...never ending But, getting there. Managed to get the RPi booted and happy and worked out shutdown command...sudo shutdown now...little steps. Thinking more about the Flightaware dongle, maybe using Putty, my need to connect anything to the other RPi USB slots not really needed?
    I looked at your tools...very smart. Because I am using a lite version of Raspberian, tools are a bit light on.


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      Work on Putty first.

      Massively more convenient than having to have an extra keyboard/monitor.
      Also allows you to copy paste commands.

      Raspbian lite basically has no graphical interface, but everything else is normal.
      You can install anything you want.

      Really no need to shut down the RPi
      sudo reboot
      is useful


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        Raspberry Pi (B+, Zero, RPi2, RPi3 & RPi4) - Installation instructions for Raspbian, Dump1090 & Data Feeder

        Scroll down and see following items:

        1.6 - Enable SSH

        1.9 - Access and control of RPi from Desktop/Laptop using SSH
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          I use Putty ok now...I think More just getting used to commands structure. Sort of like going back to my DOS days moving about directories.
          I had a bit of fun getting my fan shim working, because the Raspbian buster lite has some parts missing that fan shim needs. Anyway, soon resolved after loading the latest updates and pip3, and a few terms that are not included in the lite versions.
          Not sure why I have the RPi connected to a monitor, when is all it shows is the initial boot sequence. From then on, all other screen info is via my main screen with putty...OK, onwards. today, finally hope to get the dump1090-mutability installed and FR24 data feeder working. I created a small whip antenna, as I do not have any connections to go between the RPi and my scanner antenna. Though, as usual, a busy real world day so, realistically, this week.


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            OK, sort of success. I now have aircraft messages etc, so far out to 58? not sure if miles or kms...Where do I adjust this on the open street map? Another issue, I must have burked my lat/lon, because instead on being in Brisbane Australia, I am some where in the Pacific ocean near Guam. From I could work out my Lat was 27.463177 and Long was 153.08818 ...anyway, we get closer, and considering my very very basic antenna, it is atleast some thing.
            Great work abcd


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              Latitude is normally negative in Australia, so you want -27


              I'm not sure if you can change units in dump1090-mutability, you can in dump1090-fa though.
              I'll just link this again:
              Via the settings cog you can change the units.

              And the graphs you want as well, believe me


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                By default dum1090-mutability uses nautical miles for distance measurement. It can be changed to metric by editing following file:

                sudo nano /usr/share/dump1090-mutability/html/config.js
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                  Hi wiedehopf, correct, I input the 'normal' Lat/Lon and not the decimal version. A little confusing as heywhatsthat used normal lat/lon, and I used it.

                  abcd, I tried the code, sudo nano /user/share/dump1090-mutability/html/config.js and it replied in a red box at the bottom of the screen, [ Directory '/user/share/dump1090-mutability/html' does not exist ] with 2 rows of ^X etc..they did nothing either. and I had to crash out.
                  I had hoped it would restart the config again, so I can re-input the correct Lat/Lon codes. Can I reload dump? or maybe a full clean out of the Micro SD card and restart.

                  And, while playing with commands...I used: top d1 - apparently checks the load on your CPU, displaying details for all cores. Worked great..I think..but then how do you stop it running, as not able to get to a command prompt, or a stop button. Again, causing me to crash out. I should not meddle....


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                    (1) To reconfigure Lat/Lon, use following command

                    sudo dpkg-reconfigure dump1090-mutability
                    This command (after few seconds delay) will open a config window within PuTTY
                    Continue pressing Enter key to accept default values there till you reach Latitude window. Enter/correct the vale there and press Enter key. The Longitude window will appear. Enter/change the vale there and press Enter key.
                    Continue pressing Enter Key till the window closes. If the window gets stuck at any statage, press Tab key to make <Ok> red, then press Enter Key.

                    dump1090-mut-Lat.png dump1090-mut-Lon.png

                    Restart dump1090-mutability
                    sudo systemctl restart dump1090-mutability

                    (2) Oops! I made a silly mistake while typing the command in my last post! That is why it failed.

                    In command I have typed the word "user". Its correct spelling is "usr" ("user" without e).
                    I have now corrected the command in my last post.
                    The correct one is given below also.

                    sudo nano /usr/share/dump1090-mutability/html/config.js
                    When the file opens, scroll down and look for following line:
                    Change false to true so the line becomes

                    Save file (Ctrl+o) and close (Ctrl+x)

                    Reload browser Ctrl+F5
                    Now distances will be shown in kilometers.

                    (3) NOTE:
                    Ctrl+x is to close nano editor. If typed outside nano editor, it is displayed as ^X and does nothing.
                    To stop a command or break a process use Ctrl+c. It will show on PuTTy as ^C, and bring back command prompt (pi@raspberrypi:~ $)
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                      Ctrl-C to interrupt programs and get back to the shell. Doesn't always work.

                      In many programs just pressing Q for quit will make them exit.


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                        abcd, ok, got the lat/lon repaired. Location now correct.

                        I used the code: sudo nano /usr/share/dump1090-mutability/html/config.js, and changed ok. Dump map data still shows miles? No big deal.

                        Ok all coming together. Been playing with my simple whip antenna and scanner discone. Dicone far better. It seems because I live next to an airport(2 kms) and most traffic is approaching, altitudes are pretty low and restricting my views to about 60 miles. When i do see a fly over at say 35,000, then I get to 90 miles. Messages are about 55/sec and aicraft averaging 12-15, as most on approach and quite low. is there a way I can find stats from the dump1090?

                        Soon, ready to feed.


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                          Dump map data still shows miles?
                          Try reload browser (Ctrl+F5).

                          If that does not solve the problem, clear browser cache (Ctrl+Shift+Delete), then reload (Ctrl+F5)


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                            Hi abcd, Ctrl+F5 fixed the browser.
                            The version of dump1090 I am using is 1.15-dev.
                            Using my discone I am achieving some 120kms for overfly traffic at FL350+ and 90kms for approaching traffic. So, the discone, even with the flightaware pro stick filter, it is not coping too well. Looks like I may need to do some more work on 'tuning' dump1090. I will have a play with different antenna formats. I think the antenna RG6 cable run, (20 metre) while ok for the scanner, is too long for the 1090MHz receiver., and not practical to put the RPi in the roof, as the little guy will cook. Sitting on my desk, with room temp at 25c, it runs at 55c.
                            When I get this working as best as I can, I will attack the various feeds. FR24 first.


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                              OK, been running overnight and no issues. When I shut down and restart, dump1090 automatically fires up. So, more tune up now. I need to do two things? Data performance graphs, and Gain.

                              I saw this thread.. and want to install the graphs. I already have dump1090 installed and working. At present I am not feeding any site. Should I install the FR24 feeder before I get the performance graphs working?

                              I saw where it is possible on the dump1090 screen to insert a Gain 'adjuster'. I wondered if that would help me getting my discone antenna to work better. I had first thought, the antenna feed was not working too well. but upon checking FR24 and my decoding screen, they were the can't ask any more.

                              BTW...Thanks everyone for your most valuable help, especially abcd and weidehopf. It as been a most amazing experience for me, and very much 'monkey see and do' in most instances. Your skill amazes me.


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                                A discone won't ever be as good as a specific tuned short-spectrum range antenna

                                They're broad spectrum and have no or little gain, so for microwave/1G like ADSB it will be on the outter edge of it's limits. And yes, RG6 will have a bit of loss at high frequency.

                                Graphs etc are independent. Run his script (Weidehopf ) for Dump1090-fa and enjoy. It'll perform better than 1.15 Dev anyway.
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