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Feeding to FR24 and ALSO to Virtualradar?

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  • Feeding to FR24 and ALSO to Virtualradar?

    Hi All,

    I have just connected a USB dongle receiver to a Raspberry Pi 3, downloaded/installed the FR24 image and started feeding data to FR24. No problems here, all is well - and I even had the "Business" upgrade. Sweet.

    Before this, I used to have the USB stick receiver directly connected to my (Windows) computer and was running RTL1090 + VirtualRadar and would see all the local traffic near my home, as received by my own Rx. This went on for well over a year, until I got the Raspberry and started feeding to FR24 a few days ago.

    So here is the question (I did search, promise): Is it possible to continue feeding FR24 with the USB stick Rx connected to the Raspberry and at the same time see my own traffic (i.e, as received by my Rx) on my computer using VirtualRadar?

    When the Rx was directly connected to the computer via USB I would first run RTL1090 and then start VirtualRadar, then click in the "" link on that program, which opened a web browser with map. Am I correct in my assumption that it is possible to point Virtualradar not to, but rather to the PI's network address and fetch the data from there, while the Raspberry continues to feed to FR24? if so, can someone please point me to the right direction? I did try a few different setting in VirtuaRadar's Tools > Options page, but I don't really know what should be set.

    As it is, VirtualRadar only shows the map (no aircraft) while the Raspberry is happily sending away data to FR24.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    STEP-1: In Virtual Radar Server:

    IP address:
    Instead of, use IP-of-Pi
    (Example: my IP-of-Pi is

    Port number: 30005
    Format: AVR or Beast

    Please see screenshots below
    VRS Setting for RPi - 1.png VRS Setting for RPi - 2.png

    STEP-2: In FR24 settings page at IP-of-Pi:8754/settings.html:
    This step is applicable to PI24 image only.
    For Raspbian image or Piaware image, do NOT do this step.

    In the field "Process arguments", add --net, click Save button, then restart button. Both these buttons are at bottom right corner of settings page.

    Please see screenshot below
    Pi24 Settings-2.png
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      Just in case you like the more map options without necessarily starting VRS:

      (this setup also has port 30005 open for use with VRS)


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        Many thanks abcd567 and wiedehopf.
        Got best of both worlds now: feeding FR24 and seeing my own received acft.
        ...You guys rock!


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          --- pls delete - problem solved
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            Originally posted by LN-MOW View Post
            Hmm .. followed the steps above and I'm getting ....

            ȿ –�3‹‘€ˆ“XE6Y}S[12‹\]8[2‹^’ˆ0\3‹œ*Y�‡XgˆŸ‰2k3‹;:q�5XEby7p \2‹ǯ1 ��/™3‹ǧ)�™‰
            p”˜M3‹ˆec�‡-X\�2‹5Rˆpg2‹;`I˜8š\2‹FS]s3‹ z �™ 8d"wX2‹
            GŸn]54<2‹ \3{ � RI{2‹ | { � RI{3‹ ” *�$™ PR˜2‹ œ�{ � RI{2‹ { � RI{2‹ | � RI{2‹ € � RI{2‹ €| �
            Seems in your browser you have typed following address:



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              Originally posted by abcd567 View Post
              Seems in your browser you have typed following address:

              Yeah .. I first thought that was the correct address.
              Radarstation KGVL


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                nice, it worked for me, i want to check if i can add all my receiver at the same time


                there is an option to add combined receivers so it works, great tutorial :P
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