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feeding with Pi + monitor internet

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  • feeding with Pi + monitor internet

    Hello All,

    At the moment I am feeding to Flightradar etc, using a Raspberry Pi3+b.

    Is it possible to connect a small monitor to the Pi and than use the internet . I would like to use the small. monitor to "see" my feeds continuously. As I am an absolute beginner to the Raspberry any help is highly appreciated.

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    Any HDMI monitor will do.

    You'll also want a mouse and a keyboard.

    What sd-card image did you start from?
    Depending on that you'll need to install the graphical interface.

    Or you can just start fresh with "Raspbian Buster with Desktop"

    Install fr24feed with its script and re-enter your email address and sharing key (feed key)

    Then just install dump1090-fa again:


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      Thank you for the fast reply.

      I started with the FR24 script. Than I installed the dump-fa with your script.

      Is it possible to install a "standalone" graphical interface? My system is running smoothly right now


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        No the image you started from is in question.

        What you put on the sd-card with Etcher or DiskImager.

        Anyway this will most likely apply:

        Again i would recommend just starting fresh with the appropriate Buster image (i assume you are still using stretch).
        you can look up your OS version with cat /etc/os-release
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          As always you are right. I am still using stretch. Will start from scratch as you recommended.

          After doing this Iwill be able to use the internet and feed at the same time using my Raspberry?
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            @Dutchyb Did it work?