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No data on my receiver.

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    How could it send data without WiFi before you connected it?

    Using both Ethernet/wired LAN and WiFi at the same time is not recommended in case you are doing that.
    That can cause problems, just disconnect the LAN if you want use WiFi.


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      Before it was using onle
      Ethernet. Now it is using only WiFi.


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        Does a reboot help?

        Really not sure what the problem is.
        You have the log enabled so you can check that if you want.

        less /var/log/fr24feed/fr24feed.log

        Press Shift-G to get to the end of the file and see if you see any errors.


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          What type of coax-cable should I buy?
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            What's your budget and what location are you?

            Which antenna are you using and how long will the coax be?


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              My budget is 10-15$, I am living in Moscow, Russia. I would buy cable at the local market. I am using standard antenna, going with Rtl-Sdr V3; cable length is 2 meters.


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                What is a "standard antenna"?

                Anyway i don't suppose the local market is gonna have a datasheet with attenuation for that cable?
                At 2m it's not that critical anyway, try to find good quality satellite cable (low loss), an F connector and an adapter to SMA (or even better a SMA connector you can put on that cable.

                If you have one of those small indoor antennas, your best bet is just making your own antenna:
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                  " 2x5 cm to 13 cm telescopic antenna"
                  Also I know one huge radio shop where I can find datashets for all cables(but they are in russian).
                  What resistance(impendance) and what attenuation coefficient should the cable have?
                  Thanks for helping!


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                    The impedance should be 50 Ohm, but 75 Ohm can work as well.
                    The problem is, that the cable you will get at the market won't be the same as in the radio shop.

                    Just get the low loss RG6 satellite cable and make the connection to the dongle work.

                    You should have no problem building the quick spider.
                    Will be better than the telescopic antenna.

                    I'd recommend going 2 or 3 mm shorter for the main whip than described in the thread.
                    I suppose you can experiment a bit if you want and just solder on new wire if you want to make it longer again.

                    The radial length isn't as critical, just leave them as is.


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                      I understand about cable. Last question: is this connector ok for spider-antenna?
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                        I would not bother with a connector, just build the antenna into the cable.

                        But yeah, the connector will work.


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                          Thank you very much!