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No data on my receiver.

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  • No data on my receiver.

    I just set up my pi24 with RTL-SDR v3, but I don't see any planes on my radar. Antenna is put on the window(check photo).
    What kind of problem can I have?[ATTACH=CONFIG]10653
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    Wrong type of antenna for a start, That is UHF 300-500Mhz, you need 1090Mhz

    Suggest you check out the DIY antenna thread, then work on remote diagnosis
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      I also have 2 shorter antennas. I remember that they are optimised for higher frequences. Are they ok or should i do DIY antenna?IMG_20190526_113352.jpg


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        The coax cable that comes with the rtl-sdr v3 kit is not really good for 1090 MHz.

        Anyway yes you can use the shorter telescoping rods.
        They should be in one line, the length from end to end for 1090 MHz should be 13.7 cm.

        The antenna needs to be vertical.


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          Originally posted by Meowzlodey View Post
          I also have 2 shorter antennas. I remember that they are optimised for higher frequences. Are they ok or should i do DIY antenna?[ATTACH=CONFIG]10655[/ATTACH]
          You should use the short antennas, fully collapsed.
          According to the RTL-SDR blog,

          Small Antenna, 1 Section, 5cm + 2cm is resonant @ ~1030 MHz.

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            The telescopic antenna should NOT be adjusted like a V.
            It should be adjusted like I, i.e. both legs in one vertical straight line, tips pointing in opposite directions.

            Vertical Dipole.jpg


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              Thank you guys, your tips really work.
              Last question, i think.
              From some aircrafts I receive only altitude without latitude and longitude(check screenshot). Is it ok?FR24.jpg


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                Altitude and position are transmitted in separate messages.

                Not all aircraft transmit position (no ADS-B, just Mode-S)

                So it may either be bad reception (position needs 2 position messages within 10 seconds) or that the aircraft a simply not transmitting their position.

                Anyway if you want to improve your reception, get yourself 3 m of coax, put a quick spider on one end

                Place that on the roof.
                The other side could be an F connector with an SMA adapter.
                RG6 quad shield satellite coax works well and has good availability.

                Anyway your options may be limited.
                Still 1090 MHz is mostly line of sight.

                A quick spider with some proper coax will have better reception than your current solution if built properly.


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                  I don't think that I'll get an improvement using spider inside my flat, I can't place antenna at my roof.
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                    You could still replace the SMA cable leading to the antenna.
                    That reduces the signal quite a bit.

                    Quarter wave antenna with ground plane indeed isn't much better than a half wave antenna.
                    But it is a little better i believe, helps to shield noise from below the antenna plane.

                    Anyway have fun!
                    And maybe try dump1090-fa or compile yourself the current version of dump1090-mutability.
                    Should give you a nice map and table with planes via a webserver instead of that console display.


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                      Ok, I'll by new coax cable soon.
                      I also have an opportunity to buy this filter:
                      Should I?


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                        Originally posted by Meowzlodey View Post
                        Ok, I'll by new coax cable soon.
                        I also have an opportunity to buy this filter:

                        Should I?
                        (1) If you live in North America, the Flightaware filter which you linked (light blue color) is OK. If you live in other continents, buy the dark-blue version.


                        (2) To determine if you need a filter, conduct a scan as detailed in this post:

                        Do I need a Filter? - Find RF Signals In Area



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                          I want to buy coax cable but I don't know which cable should I take. What impedance(resistance) value is best for my receiver?


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                            If you can get the LNA it will be much better than this filter.
                            Especially the rtl-sdr v3 having no amplifier doesn't really need a filter. (could even reduce range depending on conditions)

                            Try to get CFD200 or LMR200 cable with SMA connectors.

                            Quadshield RG6 satellite cable is ok also and can be cheaper. But you'll likely need adapters to F connectors.
                            You can build a quick spider on one end of the RG6 so this can be quite practical.


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                              After I connect raspberrypi to WiFi it stops sending data to FR24, but I can see planes using Dump1090.
                              What is wrong?Screenshot_1.jpgScreenshot_2.jpgScreenshot_3.jpg
                              Should I change some settings?