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    Wonder if anyone can help. So, recently migrated from being a Windows feeder to a Pi feeder. Pi seems to all be setup OK and feeding to FR24.
    Using an SBS1-er via Ethernet as my "radio receiver" as such.
    I have enabled the Raw Data Output (30002,30334) and also the SBSfeed 10001.
    I can run Basestation on my Windows PC, connect to the pi on and Basestation is running 100% fine!
    So, decided to use the port 30334 and setup Virtual Radar Server as per the instructions from FR24 paperwork. This is where the problem begins. I am not able to connect and receive data from the Pi on port 30334. The VRS software keeps trying to connect but after a second reverts back to disconnected. This goes from connecting to disconnected to connected again every 2 or 3 seconds.

    Any ideas??

    Thanks Neil

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    Unsure if the raw out applies to SBS, or if it can convert the data, which is why it has the encrypted relay better option would be use the pipe out from basestation

    Vrs to localhost:30006

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      Hi Oblivian.

      Oh my head is going round in circles here.
      Well, tried the localhost:30006 and it connects and indicated bytes of data received but processes nothing. I have attached an image of the VRS software page.
      The instructions on the FR24 paperwork inform you how to setup a VRS installation to get a feed from the FR24 software...

      Virtual Radar Server
      Please go to Tools->Options menu, then select Receivers from the tree view on the left and
      configure the connection as follows:
      Data source: AVR or Beast Raw Feed
      Connection type: Network
      Reconnect at startup: yes
      Address: IP address of the computer running FR24 decoder.
      Port: 30334
      Then select “Tools->Reconnect to Data Feed->Receiver” to activate data flow.

      I thought maybe the FR24 software was rebroadcasting the data it was receiving from my SBS1-er on this port but maybe I am incorrect.

      I am also feeding Freedar and 360Radar using the localhost:30006 but they are complaining that no data is being received by them even though my feeder software is informing me that it is sending data. So, this pretty much mirrors the VRS software by saying its getting data but cant process it.

      I used to just run Basestation connected directly to my SBS1-er and then feed 360Radar, Freedar and FR24 from the Basestation software without any issues. My basestation is connecting to my Pi on of Pi):20072. makes me wonder what is actually coming out on 30006 port.



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        Those instructions predate about 2014. And only after some persuasion was there some extra paragraphs added to make it more english/new user friendly.

        Since then the feeder has evolved and I think some of the data format handling too. So don't rely on its accuracy

        In VRS, you should be testing the SBS type data, not avr/beast. The joys of Kinetic, it's largely proprietary and need special coding to read it.

        SBS-3 Raw Feed
        Kinetic's binary format for Mode-S and ADS-B messages picked up by the SBS-3, usually transmitted either directly by the receiver (when connected to the network) or by BaseStation on port 30006

        VRS may also attach direct to <pi>20072 wit the above data type. Since fr24feed allows a couple of connections per port (unlike the SBS direct) but I can't gaurantee that, as I don't have one.
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          Hi Oblivian

          Sorry for the delay in replying, kept away from things for a few days to clear my head lol.

          I now have the VRS radar working on my PC, I has it setup as a basestation formatted feed rather than an SBS Raw Feed. Connected on 30006 taking data from my Basestation software and all seems to run ok.

          So, now onto the next challenge which may require a new thread. I need to obtain a totally unfiltered RAW data output either from my Basestation software or direct from the pi to provide a MLAT feed to both 360Radar and Freedar to help with their coverage.
          Have been doing this for years and always used to get it out of the Basestation software on port 30006 but its looking like this now filtered data and the non positional stuff is filtered out. I have tried getting data direct from the pi on 30334 as per their settings page data but nothing. Tried telnet using windows CMD prompt and it connects but no data showing.

          Pulling my hair out with this one. Speaking with the guys at 360Radar and Freedar and all running out of ideas.

          Oh, by the way, also tried connecting the VRS direct to the pi on (same as Basestation connection settings) and nothing works with sbs-3 data format.

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            So I've read through this a couple of times and I'm still a bit confused. All I have are the pi24 feeder and VRS - no Basestation or any other software. What settings should I be using in VRS to process the data from pi24? It's not helping that the time I have to work on this is when there is very little traffic, what with the COVID-19 reductions and all. Any help would be great.


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              Base station is a hardware device and name of software.

              If you dont have one, these instructions aren't for you.

              But setting it up with beast tcp on 30005 is valid for most dvbt cases

              Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers