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Indoor antenna in a house?

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  • Indoor antenna in a house?

    Hey there,
    I want to setup a receiver to feed FR24 and I'm not quite sure what antenna I could use. I do not live in an apartment, but the roof of my house is (currently) not suitable for any kind of antenna I saw so far. I considered installing a indoor antenna in the attic but don't know wether that is a good idea...
    I haven't planned on changing my whole roof nor to involve a roofer in any way, my overall budget for the project is maximal 150 - 200.
    So my question: Is it worth it to "just" put an indoor antenna into the attic or isn't it?
    If it is, what antenna could I use? I saw this one some while ago: dpdproductions (dot) com/collections/aviation-base-mobile-antennas/products/ads-b-blade-indoor-antenna
    (Sorry for the splitten link, I'm new... )
    Does anyone have experience with this or maybe had exactly the same problem?
    Or does anyone actually have the antenna I linked above?

    I would be happy about an answer regarding my problem!

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    Just get one of the outdoor antennas and put it into the attic.
    The dpd indoor antenna probably isn't bad but the BNC connector alone wouldn't be my first choice.

    Consider getting maybe a Flightaware antenna plus an LNA (rtl-sdr LNA or uputronics).
    (If you get an LNA then i'd use the rtl-sdr v3 stick, they are probably the best rtl dongles available)

    That should stay within budget and provide the best possible reception you can get from the attic.


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      I agree with wiedehopf i had a similar setup for a while and it performed very well in my attic space.


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        Hey there,
        I'm new to this and I'm confused now.
        What do I exactly need? A antenna, a Raspberry Pi, ... what else? :/
        Is this the antenna of FlightAware you mean? rasppishop (dot) de/FlightAware-1090MHz-ADS-B-N-Type-Antenne-55dBi
        Is there anywhere a great tutorial, that I get to understand all this by myself? This more complicated than I thought..

        Hope you can help me.


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          This is an LNA (Low noise amplifier):
          This is the receiver i was talking about (

          Yes that antenna you linked is the one i was talking about.
          You don't need an LNA but it improves reception considerably.

          If you are just getting started the flightaware antenna and the rtl-sdr v3 dongle will work nicely together and you can always add the LNA later.