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Raspberry direct connecting to the internet

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  • Raspberry direct connecting to the internet

    Hello all,

    I just set-up a flightradar24 hardware and got successful to submit the flight data to the flightradar server, it is a very interesting thing.

    I want to increase the stability of the internet network, so, I want to change it onto a dedicated internet service. My setup is this : Ant - FlightAware receiver - Raspberry pi3 B+ - Home use router - Internet service provider ...

    But I have the following question :
    (1) Can I move all the things onto the new internet service without re-config the raspberry pi?
    (2) Can the data be sent to flightradar without passing through a router (... Raspberry pi3 B+ - Internet service provider modem - Internet service provider...?
    (3) If (2) is yes, how can I SSH to the raspberry?



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    Easiest answer to (3) is to download a program called PuTTY ( it allows you to easily SSH into the Pi3 via Windows as long as you know the IP address of the Pi3 and the computer that you use is on the same network.

    Does your the modem provided by your ISP include wifi or have a spare network port - if it does then you may be able to connect directly but it may need IP addresses re-configured. (I'll leave that to the Linux gurus)


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      Consulted with a IT guy, he said it is not in same network, I cannot get accessing to the raspberry, even I use putty. ok, I will look for another method.