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Monitoring Flightradar24 Hardware?

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  • Monitoring Flightradar24 Hardware?

    I am hosting one of the Flight Radar receivers and I was wondering if there is any way besides the built in web page to monitor it? For example, is there a json url that is hidden somewhere? I'd like to be able to pull stats from the receiver to monitor for example number of aircraft, temperature, lat/long/elevation and other stats that the main web interface gives. I'm sure I could just script something to parse the page and spit it out in json, or has anyone else written anything already to parse this page into more standard formats?


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    Originally posted by abcd567
    If you are running dump1090-mutability, you will find .json files at /run/dump1090-mutability
    You donít run any form of dump1090 with the FR24 boxes, you just plug them in and connect to your router, all the software / firmware is locked and remotely configured by FR24, you cannot even browse the directories.
    Also there is no access to port 30106
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      Exactly, so the info I want is not the current flights it is tracking but the actual status of the flightradar box, this one:


      This is the status screen I'm referring too but for some reason the temperature is missing, it usually shows it...

      fr24 status.png
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        I don’t know about the new boxes, but the older beaglebone based ones had that info on port :80
        No other way of accessing it that I am aware of.
        FR24 F-EGLF1, Blitzortung station 878, OGN Aldersht2, PilotAware PWAldersht, PlanePlotter M7.


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          Yes, exactly so I guess I'll have to write a script to parse it. At least it is all text based in 'pre' tags so it should be quite easy

          And now the temperature just showed up.. Very hot up here with this heat wave and the box is in my attic!

          fr24 status 2.png


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            I have it all in Prometheus+Grafana, but this is likely overkill for you unless you have those two things set up already. I do like it because it also lets me compare the few radars I'm running:

            I really thought I had published the prom1090 script I wrote already but apparently not ... however some other people did: