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different coverage changing place: is important the speed of wi-fi?

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  • different coverage changing place: is important the speed of wi-fi?

    I know, the title is a little obscure.
    I placed my Raspberry with a DVB-T stick and the antenna (1/4 wave, stylo) near my router, with the antenna posed on the frame of the aluminium window, at last floor of the building.
    This way I get a coverage only in a restricted beam around 240 and receive aircraft until 210 miles.
    The Raspberry was connected with a cable, and now via wi-fi.
    When all was working, I placed the same hardware on the flat roof (a terrace), which is not obstructed and the antenna has a 360 sky visibility.
    Now, I get a near 360 coverage BUT ONLY UNTIL 40 Miles and no more!
    All is the same, antenna cable, hardware, position, only the place is 3 meters high. The only thing different is the distance from the router: it will be possible that a weak signal interfere with the coverage? I believe it is impossible, but why placing the antenna in a better position DECREASE my coverage?
    Perhaps will be a saturation problem? I don't have any RF source in the neighbor...
    Any suggestion?

    Than you!
    T-LIMJ5 and T-LIMW3
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    It could be that the aluminium frame was acting as a ground plane for the antennae, try getting a large steel baking tray or similar and putting the antennae on the centre of that, you may find that you get a good increase that way (a 1/4 wave antennae needs a good ground plane if it is to work well, a dipole or co-linear will work fine without one)
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      I Ben,
      Thank you for the answer.
      I forgot to mention that I placed the antenna on the roof over a large plate of steel, acting as ground plane.
      Later I'll post some pictures.