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Cheap Chinese TV Dongles from Ebay

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  • Cheap Chinese TV Dongles from Ebay

    These Dongles work very well, however after four months my $12 unit failed. I decided to open it and see if I could sort the problem out. There are two electrolytic 220 uf ,10 VDC capacitors on the board. All other items look like they would last years so I tested these caps. Both had a very high AC series resistance, ten times higher than new. The dongles prise open easily and the circuit board just drops out. If you have a solder sucker the caps come out without any problem. High quality 16 VDC 220 uf caps with the same foot print are readily available. Only problem is that they a lot taller than the originals. You have two choices here. Either run the boards naked or drill holes in the top of the dongle. I did the later. Reckon this dongle will go for years now.

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