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An alternative for RTL1090 software available?

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  • An alternative for RTL1090 software available?

    hi, I am feeding to fr24 basially following the steps provided on the fr24 website:
    So, I have the dongle, bought an antenna later (that really increased coverage significantly!) and I installed the RTL1090 software and the feeder software.
    I am running it on a mini-laptop.

    However, I have issues with this RTL1090 software since it appears very unstable. Often it loses the connection with the antenna (so I stop and restart the software) and sometimes the program completely disappears by itself (I guess it crashes).

    Are there alternatives available that are more robust?
    I would also like to create some kind of daily log file to keep track of the planes were in my area. Is there any software to do so?

    Thanks for your support!

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    Have you tried this ?


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      I find my RaspberryPi (dump1090) very reliable - gave up the the combined FR24 feeder [for now] after 22 minutes when I discovered it hadn't got the map facility that dump1090 has.


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        It can't run on the raspberry Pi.. but I use because of the better maps and ability to map out your coverage area... It can be set up to do logging, but I have not tried that. Others have other logging options.