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  • Help With Networking SBS-1E


    My Setup
    SBS-1E using win7, xport ver, was using a USB lead, but now trying to connect using a Virgin Super Hub so I can move the box closer to the aerial and be able to use it on the network.

    My Problem
    IP Address Range
    Local IP Address 192.168.0. EM IP Address

    I have been following Anmer sbs1_networking Guide to try and change the ip address in my sbs box
    All seems to be ok till I reach the point in the guide were it asks to Select Settings under Channel 1 on the left-hand menu and check the Local Port reads 10001.

    When I input 10001 and press ok I get a message pop up saying (Remote Port: contains invalid characters. Valid Characters are 0-9.) I have tryed entering a random number say 0 then I get another window pop up saying Inactivity Timeout(min): contains invalid characters. Valid characters are 0-9. I have tried entering 60 & 0 in the box.
    Which it accepts but then another window pops up saying Remote Host: Undefined: Undefined: Undefined is not a valid IP address.

    I have no idea what that means so thought best to try to get some help.


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    I've already sent you a personal message on one of the other forums where you posted this same question.

    You need to post on the Radarspotting forum if you want to get this sorted!

    Radarspotting since 2005