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At last EDLM is happy with his set up

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  • delcomp
    Technical modification.

    yesterday,. I got rid of my 10m Repeater cable from SBS to Computer,.

    So now my set up is from SBS-1er to a Single USB2 Port MFP and Storage Server.
    then to a Powerline connection.Which sorted out Ae-SBS-too top side.

    In the Comp room. The Powerline is connected to my Router,. and therefore
    feeds my Comp and what is connected to my Router.

    But,.. I cant,..use the SBS on two places at once,so its either
    Computer or Lappy for the SBS.

    Why didnt I use this system at the beginning,. would have saved
    buying Repeater cables,. and all the work for boring holes and laying
    for the cables.And having cables lying around.

    Bit expensive,. But..! I recon it is worth it.

    So,. if you have a electrical circuit that goes 300metre away,
    that how far you could get away from your ADS-B Reciever.
    Main thing, Its the same Electric Circuit.

    Ae-on Roof.jpgThats my 1090SJ on the roof1090SJ.JPG Thanks Jim,. "Great Antenne"


    Since the 14th June,. I have Updated to a SBS3.
    therefore I can now use the SBS-1er as Mobile,
    Still have to sort an Uploader out.

    Big Thanks for the Birthday wishes today(28.6.2012)
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  • ( EGSS1) Gordon
    well maybe you should move to Norfolk David lol

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  • delcomp
    Airports in my cover

    The nearest is EDLW DTM Dortmund,which is SE of my location and a distance of 20nm
    covered down to 1150ft(No thanks to the wooded area that is 100 metres down the road)
    Making the SE A bad side for reception.(By car 30 minutes + )

    Next nearest is EDDL DUS Dusseldorf which is SSW and a distance of 31nm,covered down
    to 1350ft. (By Car 45 minutes +)

    The furtherest is EDLV NRN Weeze,. (well know by Ryan Air) and W and a distance of 43nm
    of my location,. covering down to 1125ft (By car ?? not yet used)

    My Airportsa.JPG click on pic

    My North to North East is also not to good,. this is due to a Church Tower that is Approx
    50 metres from my location
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  • Anmer
    Thanks David.

    For me, the preamp doesn't extend the range but picks up weaker contacts. Typically I have 10-15% more aircraft with the preamp. But it's not a cheap option.

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  • delcomp
    Hi Mike,

    I agree with you on that,. My 5m lenght cable cost as much as
    the 1090SJ Antenne.
    But,. I will not be using a Pre-Amp,. after seeing some results
    of Pre-Amps on here with Ghosting or false locations,half way
    around the world,. which is impossible for ADS-B reception
    And my SBS-1er(which youve seen a few times)Im quite happy with,.
    Why they made a SBS 3 I dont know, as the SBS-1er is just the
    job for what we do.,.
    By the way took a Screenshot of my FR24 reception this morning..:
    scale is in Km. And I consider I dont need a Pre-Amp.

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  • Anmer
    Originally posted by DanTheMan View Post
    Well Done. At 1090Mhz it's all about getting the antenna up as high as possible.
    And using suitable coax, a minimum length and a masthead preamp.

    Oh, and a decent receiver.

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  • delcomp
    I have the ladder problem, when I use to go into the Attic here,

    So I bought myself ,out of Internet,. a Multi-Purpose Ladder.
    And its just right for me, As its not heavy.
    I can bend and use it for different things and when I fully
    extend it ,it gives me a 4m ladder (Aluminium)
    So the half of it is just right for me to get under the roof
    Also,. for what I got, it was about 70% of the shop price.

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  • DanTheMan
    I'm in the your previous situation. I need to get my antenna mounted however I need two ladders first and still have to organise the antenna. As I'm using a microadsb bullion I also need an run of cat-5 cabling.

    some day....

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  • delcomp
    Thanks Dan,. this old guy(Pensioner) has been trying to get the antenne higher for
    the last 2years,. But couldnt get any roof monkeys to come round here, As the roof
    is forbidden for me,. from the misses Hahaha.

    But Im extremely happy with it now

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  • DanTheMan
    Well Done. At 1090Mhz it's all about getting the antenna up as high as possible.

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  • delcomp
    started a topic At last EDLM is happy with his set up

    At last EDLM is happy with his set up

    At last, after so long, Im happy with my rig

    I have the SBS-1er
    And have had my antenne at varies points and heights in the house,
    but have finally acheived to get it from underneath the roof to
    3 metres over the roof.
    What a very big difference and an increase of 40% of Traffic and
    Ive also been told that I have now a 400 mile cover.
    The Antenne is the 1090SJ that I manage to get from Jim in South-
    hampton,. And I would Higly recommend it.
    Which is attacted to a low loss 5 metre long cable(Low loss cable
    I would also recommend) even tho it is expensive, it is well worth it.
    The SBS-1er is connected to my computer, thro a 10m long Repeater
    USB Cable,.
    And with all that,. Im seeing over 100+ traffic on the SBS-1er,.
    So getting my Antenne at its final resting place,. I am very happy
    On the SBSplotter,.My SE side is a bit weak,. But this is due to
    Im in a buildup area and 100metres down the road I have a Wooded area
    (SE)And a Church tower NE of me, with other high building near,. and
    there no ring round plot.
    My nearest Airport Dortmund I now recieve the planes down to 1575',.
    (before was 2500')
    And Dusseldorf, the next nearest airport, I recieve the aircrafts now
    down to 1500'(Before was 2450')

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