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  • Looking for SBS-1er

    Anyone can help me find an online seller that still have the SBS-1er in stock? I need 2-3 pieces and can't find it anywhere.

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    Have you asked Kinetic? It usually knows which dealers still have stock.

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      As there seems to be no stock of new ones, i found these two on Amazon which are used.

      Mike / Speedbird
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        Anmer: Kinetic says they are completely out of stock.

        Speedbird: Thanks for the link. Strange, the title says "Kinetic-Avionic SBS-1er Virtual Radar with built-in Air Band & FM Receive", but description says "This is the older SBS-1 unit, not the small one.". I really don't want the old model, have some of them here. I have to check with them which model they have.


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          Hi Mike.

          Just found this link that was suggested by Kinetic Chris, when you add to cart it looks like they have stock.

          Mike / Speedbird
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            Thanks again Speedbird. I have ordered at ACS Wireless 2 weeks ago. After 1 week I got this response:


            I am sorry for not contacting you sooner, but we are completely out of the SBS-1eR. We are currently awaiting delivery of the SBS-3, which is the next generation ADS-B receiver. It will actually have AIS capabilities! The best part is that it will only increase the price by $30. I am still not sure when they will be out, but we will be the first people to receive them. If you are interested in waiting, we will reserve one for you. Either way, we will not charge your card until we receive the new box. Are you interested in waiting or would you like to cancel your order?

            By the way, we are unable to accept an international Credit Card, but we can definitely accept paypal.

            Best regards,
            xxx yyy
            ACS Wireless