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Squawk Codes with SBS1-er

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  • Squawk Codes with SBS1-er

    Hi all

    Can anyone help with this query or point me in the right direction on "how the SBS1-er & Basestation software handles transmitted Squawk codes".

    I have only once seen a couple of codes in the Basestation software squawk column & that was when I was running Squawkbox in the background. I am sure I have read something about it somewhere but I can't find or remember where - so much I have been reading about ADS-B in the last few weeks since receiving my SBS1.

    Many times I see the squawk codes scrolling in the Squawkbox window but no more in the Basestation software.

    I know I haven't explained myself very well but hopefully someone will have an idea or an explanation.

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi Sean

    Where are you looking for the squawk to appear in Basestation?

    Do you have the squawk column enabled in the Aircraft List? Sounds like you do.

    Is it an empty field in the popup Aircraft Details window?

    Squawkbox is getting the squawk data from the SBS-1 via the Basestation software.

    What timeouts have you got set? Settings->Data Settings. If they are very long you will have old data appearing in your aircraft list and the squawk is no longer available.

    Try using shorter timeouts


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      Hi Mike, thanks for replying.

      Squawk column is enabled and that is where I was expecting to see the code, haven't thought to check the popup aircraft details window when there were codes in the column - I'll keep an eye on it.

      Timeouts in data settings were different so I have changed to the same values as your example.

      As long as I haven't got anything else wrong that should be fine, I was just expecting to see them populated more often especially for those planes transmitting position info.

      Things may have changed with the new technology available but I always assumed that aircraft were constantly "squawking" - maybe they do but only on their traditional on-board transponder.

      Keep up the good work - sharing the info is a massive help to us all & especially newbies like myself.

      Regards Sean.


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        Bear in mind that the squawk code is only transmiited in response to a request from a ground radar. If Squawkbox is showing the squawk code, Basestation should too.

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