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Power Supply for SBS-1ER, which one?

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  • Power Supply for SBS-1ER, which one?

    Hello Everybody,

    I have been playing around with my brand new SBS-1ER which is currently connected through USB.

    In long term I would like to use the Ethernet port and install the box at the attic. In that scenario however an external power supply is needed.

    I know that a 12V power supply is needed, but how many Ampere?

    It would be great if someone who knows the answer to that question would share his knowledge.

    Thank you very much.

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    0.5A should be enough.


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      Thanks for the speedy reply Mike.

      I was expecting the power requirement to be higher when using Ethernet, but apparently that is not the case.

      A few minutes ago I sent you an e-mail how to improve coverage at EDDM ;-)
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        You will get files ASAP.


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          Dear All-seeing, I have a an SBS-ie also.

          You shoudl be able to obtain a suitable PSU from your local elecatrical retailler. here in Ireland they tend to cost around 12-13 Euro and come with a collection of plugs to suit various devices. They also usually have a switch that allows you to select the voltage. One thing to be mindful of if using these devices is that the polarity of the tip of the plug is selected by the way you connect the plug to the cable - usually there is a grove or indicator that you have to line up.

          Finally look for unit that includes some sort of surge protection as this will save you buying an additional power plug.

          I have two posts on the SBS forum thay may help you some more:


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            Thank you very much Dublin1, it is very much appreciated.

            In the meantime I had found the right power supply, which cost me about 10 Euros.