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    About 9 years ago I made a Java program to exchange target info between users. This was based on Port 30003 SBS-1 data. I junked my SBS-1 a few years ago, but I use modesmixer2 and an old Beast receiver connected to a RPi in my rafters, and using Power over Ethernet to power it.

    This gives me port 30003 data which on the same RPi I run the Java shim ADSNet to convert the data into network target reports that can be exchanged. Originally I used a list of IP's to the people I was sharing with. There's no MLAT or anything, just ADS-B and Mode-S. Also it sends the reports over a Multicast network. This allows all your PC's to listen, and ADSNet only has to send each target once, as Multicast is a one-to-many UDP broadcast.

    Now there is a great network system in the form of ZeroTier. This requires a client to be loaded onto your machine, which then connects you to a peer-2-peer worldwide network. Thus, your Multicast targets are sent over this network to everyone, as it is one-to-many. No server required! No non-disclosure problems!

    You could even have multiple ZeroTier networks. Maybe the Worldwide Multicast network on one LAN, and maybe smaller regional network LAN's that are formed by copying targets that pass a location filter, and re-transmitted onto the regional LAN.

    Just a comment and idea. No business plan :-)

    Have fun,
    Steve/alias coupe

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    Nice to see you here. I'm still using adsmysql to dump SQL and make pretty pages!

    Did you ever update from 1.27 (I think thats what I'm running)
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      I haven't had a database here at the house for a long time, so that was probably the last version, ha.


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        Aha, I found a file on my computer, and the latest was 1.8. However I don't know how complete it is. I'll have to install MySQL and find out.

        oops, they don't let me post links yet...
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          Only just noticed you gave an updated link! legend.

          Now to work out where I went wrong creating the latest rendition of it tablewise.

          I think I used the .sql included step by step, but may have lost some of the metric functions when transferring SQL versions :/

          I'm sure I shouldn't be backing up 20Gb tables.. :Padsmysql.JPG
          Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers