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Generating ADS-B logs for email

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  • Generating ADS-B logs for email

    All the major capital city airports here in Australia have at least one person with an ADS-B setup that produces a daily log of movements at the airport, and then send the logs via email to an Australia wide yahoo group, oz-spotters.

    We used to have one for Adelaide, but they gave up on doing it, so I thought I would fill the gap.

    I have been feeding FR24 for a while now, mine is ypad1.

    I have set the fr24 feed software to open port 20072 so the basestation software for the SBS-1ER works.

    What additional software do I need to generate the daily logs?.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Most of those pulls are done with software like Planeplotter. Which has those functions built in

    Apparently it can also be done with VirtualRadarServer but have not done so myself to advise how.

    You may be better to reach out to the people in that group and ask what logging software they use. All tend to do the same, 'listen' to the data output on 30003 saving during the day and outputting a daily dump
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