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Best "Options - I/O settings" for current fr24feed.exe

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  • Best "Options - I/O settings" for current fr24feed.exe

    Hi all,

    when I got tired of feeding as "Net1" (via method 1 here), I received the fr24feed.exe & my sharing key, yet I saw only "Basestation errors."

    Somehow I figured out that under PlanePlotter's "Options" menu -> "I/O Settings" at least the "TCP/IP server" had to be enabled. Somehow google'ing for port 30003 got me there.
    What else?
    Both .log & .bin? Airmaster?
    What UDP output data options do you have checked?
    All 3 DDE output options?

    Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks with a newbie feeder.

    Cheers, Kai

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    Hi Kai.

    Well what ever settings you have got now have made a big difference as can see aircraft approaching Barcelona and landing.

    I have been trying to track flights into BCN so i can update the Database, your feed will make it much easier, thank you.

    I have noticed that when aircraft land at BCN the altitude error also happens, i have copy and pasted it from the Map.

    Airline: Vueling Airlines
    Flight: VY3781
    From: Minorca, Mahon (MAH)
    To: Barcelona, El Prat (BCN)
    Aircraft: Airbus A320-214 (A320)
    Reg: EC-JGM
    Altitude: 2147483647 ft (654553016 m)
    Speed: 127 kt (235 km/h, 146 mph)
    AMS Daily Fight Information:


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      I realize this is an old thread, but will throw this out: From what I have gathered, you really don't have to have any of the log outputs. I figure if I am not using them, they are wasting disk space and CPU time. I unchecked the UDP output options and all three off the DDE entries. Again, not using them. Every thing works fine. (You DO obviously need to turn on the TCP/IP server for FR24FEED, as you discovered).


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        Log outputs?

        Are you talking about the FR24 feeder software or PlanePlotter?


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          Those are PP options, and some people find them handy to look back a few days of history (mine are deleted over 5 day rotation constantly)

          But given how old the thread is. I suspect hes worked this out already
          Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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            Yes, the original poster was asking about the I/O settings page of Planeplotter. I was advising to turn off the logs until the user had a reason to use them. And I wasn't aware there were logs for the FR24 feeder software.

            I just posted in case some other new user had the same question. I am a pretty new user myself and was a little bewildered by all of the settings on the I/O page, so I thought I'd offer that a lot of that (UDP, DDE, log files) can be turned off without breaking anything.