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complete image for raspberry

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  • peterhr
    This is what I have in my script to run the software on Pi

    killall fr24feed_arm-rpi_242
    killall dump1090
    #start dump1090 . we don.t want output so throw it into a black hole (the null device)
    #the symbol at the end of the line says don.t wait for this to finish, just move
    #onto  the next command (note dump 1090 needs to run the dump1090  folder
    #for the built in web page to work)
    cd /root/dump1090
    ./dump1090 --fix --net --net-sbs-port 30003 --net-ro-port 31001 --quiet > /dev/null &
    cd /root
    #start the fr24 feeder(use your own key)
    export FR24AUTHIP=
    ./fr24feed_arm-rpi_242 --fr24key=012345678912345  --bs-ip= > /tmp/fr24feed.log &
    For the full write up see post 8 in thread

    There is an image file, a PDF of instructions and additional notes in the post itself

    When we get to the feeder instruction, we say run the program the parts mean:

    './' says run it from the current folder
    we specify the --bs-ip (base station IP address) as being this machine (localhost) - FR24 feed back data of the IP address if the machine that registered the key - and this forces it to use a selected address
    --quiet ... not too much output
    '> /tmp/fr24feed.log' tells it where to shove the feeder text output ... writes it to a file in memory
    '&' says detach the commance and return control to the script / console

    The script has been written to be rerun periodically as cron job (timed / scheduled) , so it stops the feeder and dump 1090, then restarts them
    Cron also starts the script as the machine starts

    Please read the notes, ask questions in the RPi + Dongle thread - where you'll find an army of helpers.

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  • kannschonsein
    started a topic complete image for raspberry

    complete image for raspberry

    Hi there,

    I also use the Raspberry Model B and have the GP1090 antenna on the roof, had formerly the SBS-1 and then the SBS-2
    Well, I came across the Raspberry and the part is combined with FR24 simply unbeatable :-)

    Now I'm not from the Linux corner and I have a small problem with the application (Sharing Key) at FR24.

    The Images I have installed FR24 and running I also see and ip and the aircraft in the area.
    When I start the program now FR24 Share (on the Windows7 PC) and my key I enter the data is transmitted to Flight Radar 24.

    So far so good, but I would like the Key runs on the Raspberry, then the whole story calculator is irrespectively.
    Since the Raspberry anyway runs 24 hours would be useful to have the key on the linux Raspberry.

    Is there a guide for dummies how to install the key in Linux? Although I had already started Linux CD on the PC. but would not make it on. this is my current images: 20131014-ADS-B Pi.img and it works very well.

    there maybe someone who can make me an images with my key?

    sorry this is google translate :-))

    Greeting Herbert