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The Mode-S Beast 2nd Generation - Radarcape

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  • The Mode-S Beast 2nd Generation - Radarcape

    NEW!!! The Mode-S Beast 2nd Generation: "Radarcape"

    ** This is still a concept and not an available Mode-S receiver. **

    * Standalone data gathering for sharing networks. You no longer need to run a power consuming PC in order to supply data to your favorized sharing network.


    The so called Radarcape.

    The idea behind the Radarcape is that there are many ideas of applications which require a high performance backend. For a while I thought that a so called "embedded core" (*1) on the FPGA itself would be the solution, but finally I found that there is a low cost Linux board, supporting add on components, the Beaglebone. This is a 700MHz ARM CortexTM-A8 based board, supporting Linux, Android and other operating systems. It has USB host and slave connectivity, a 10/100MBit LAN, an internal Micro-SD card, 100kSample ADC, IC, SPI and plenty of other interfaces. It is supported by official Linux Kernel, and there are ready-to-go Linux distributions available which can simply become installed on the system. Writing software for the Beaglebone is as easy as writing software for a DOS box in Windows.
    Two other outstanding facts are the price, which is in the range of a single Xport, and the small size, see the Beagebone link above.

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    RadarSpotting Forum thread - [Link not posted yet... coming soon]
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    This is still a concept and not an available Mode-S receiver.

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      its now been upgraded to available.