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ADS-B cable length

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  • ADS-B cable length


    I want to be a volunteer for ADS-B receiver. My apartment is on the second floor and the roof is 25 meters away from me. So I need longer H155 Coax cable. First, I read the equipment instruction and it is written that cable length have to be max. 10 meters. Do you think is that a problem? Second, If it is not a problem, how can I provide the longer cable? I searched on the net but this cable is really hard to find.

    Thank you!

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    For every m of length. You lose more signal. Go over 10 and you run risk of losing more the contacts/distance
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      But otherwise I have to replace it on the balcony which is surrounded by walls. Isn't that much worse?


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        Belden H155 cable loss figure at 1000Mhz (1 GHz) is stated to be 29.6 db per 100 metres. So loss for a 10 metre cable is 2.96db and for a 25 metre cable it increases to 7.4db.

        Although any loss has an effect, 7.4db is not disastrous. Putting the antenna on the roof may give you additional signal strength that may offset cable loss.


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          Thank you!


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            It would be a shame not to use the platform of your building.
            There is a simple solution. You just need to acquire a 1090 Mhz preamp.
            30 dB of gain will be enough to compensate for the loss of your coaxial cable.
            Alternatively, bring the internet signal and 220 volts on the roof and make the connections in a waterproof box.