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  • Fire/Emergency Aircraft Filter

    Hi All,

    I tried searching on this with no luck, or at least I could not find a specific enough keyword(s).

    I am trying to filter on just firefighting and emergency aircraft in my area (CA).

    I saw online where someone was doing it with a URL listing all the appropriate ICAO types, and I added a few.

    (dropping beginning of url) simple?lat=28&lon=-105&z=4&filter_type=V10,S2T,CL2T,B462,RJ85,C130,S6 1,S64,S70,H46,H47,H53,H60,UH1,ALO2,ALO3,AS32,AS50, LAMA,B205,B206,B212,B407,B412,B430,KMAX,DHC6,BE20, HUCO,H500,DC10,B74,MARS,P2,DC6,DC7

    Is there a better way to do this? The issue I am seeing is that some types like B74 (747) have commercial planes as well. Other types like P3 (Orion) also return unrelated aircraft like Piper PA-32R-301 (P32R).

    Is there some builtin feature/filter I am just missing seeing?



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    Some fire related aircraft will use the 1255 fire squawk code in the U.S.

    Also won't work that well due to FR24 blocking information on those few select fire aircraft. Few of the private C130's (TKR132/N405LC) Fire aircraft are blocked on FR24.
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      Hi Brian,

      I had seen the info on the 1255 fire squawk code, but could not see a way to use it.

      Filtering by type is working pretty well, especially with fire specific types like V10, S2T. Modifying the URL directly seemed a bit hokey, but it works.

      I just wish I could make some types like P3 literally P3 and not P3*.

      I also monitor all the CalFire, USFS, and local fire frequencies both VHF and AM. It has just been nice to be able to listen and watch at the same time.

      Luckily nothing too big happening yet, but looking at the hills here this could be a bad year.