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  • Flightradar24 Silver - Alerts ICAO

    Hey FR24,

    I decided to buy a premium account (mostly to support your beautiful work), and also for alerts.
    Even though I had a FR24 Pro app for iOS with a LOT of alerts there, I wanted alerts that could be sent when I was not on the internet, and so, e-mail alerts where perfect for me (on the app, I only receive the alert if I'm using internet, by e-mail I receive it, and when I turn the internet on, I can check there's an alert).

    The question is about the ICAO of the aircraft. Basically I select Aircraft Type, ICAO I do: A33 (because I want all the A330 (-200, -300) to be triggered), or B77 (to trigger -200, and -300) and then I select Destination X... I didn't receive an alert with that ICAO, tried later with A332, and worked for the A330-200...
    The silver subscrition only has 10 alerts, so to trigger all de B777, B747, A330, and A340 (in my home airport those are not very usual to come), is there a way to use an ICAO that triggers all the B777 (-200, -300)?, or do I have to insert B772, B773, B742, B743, etc...

    Thank you for the amazing work,

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    Hi Duarte,

    Thank you for signing up for a Silver subscription.

    Creating an alert for example B77 should work as a wild card, ie, B77*