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  • track colors

    where can i find an explanation of tracks colors meaning?

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    Its just altitude levels.
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      Originally posted by Oblivian View Post
      Its just altitude levels.
      ok, thanks, but... which level corresponds to wich color?
      thanks again


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        Hi all,

        When you click on a plane, the path that this particular plane has taken is printed on the map. The color of the trail behind the plane differs depending on the altitude the aircraft had at that position.

        The numbers are in meters. If the plane is below 100 meters in altitude, the trail will be white. If it is above 100 meters, the trail will yellow, then green, then above 2500 meters it will become light blue, then dark blue, purple and for the highest altitude it will be red.

        I hope this helps

        Originally posted by mxg View Post
        ok, thanks, but... which level corresponds to wich color?
        thanks again Support

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          I would also like to know exactly what FL is what colour, and where it changes.


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            Here is image. Maybe helps
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              Thanks very much Amper, I shall utilise that information to get to my flight levels.


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                Can I change the color?
                I lose the track in the surface noise when it is at low altitude.
                I would rather have it one color, ignoring altitude.