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29 Kts at15.000 ft?

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  • 29 Kts at15.000 ft?

    Hi Everyone,

    Just saw something really strange last night near Eindhoven airport (Netherlands). Check the screenshot attached...speaks for itself.
    29 Kts at 14,425ft? and check out the confused flight pattern too. Anyone can give an explanation for this? Software bug or has the transponder been stolen by a bird?



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    Yeah that is weird. I suspect that the IAS indicator is subject to wild fluctuation, possibly caused by our internet connection speed not quite catching up with incoming the data flow that powers Flight Radar24.

    By the way, if you don't mind my asking, do I need to pay for a Flight Radar24 subscription in order to post screen shots like you have done here, or can regular punters like me post them before starting up a subscription ? Thanks for any pointers you can offer.


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      Hi Baron,

      It appears that there is an issue with this aircraft transponder. If you're interested in reading more about common error's on Flightradar24, check out the blog link below:

      Hi FS9 LD767,

      The Flightradar24 subscription and Forum are unrelated and you should be able to post screen shot's after you've achieved 5 post's.... I think.... If you have any trouble posting screen shot's after this, send us an email to and we can look into it for you
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        Thanks for this clarification, Gaelan. I sure appreciate your having taken a moment to respond to the screenshot question of mine.


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          Originally posted by netbaron View Post
          ... Anyone can give an explanation for this? Software bug or has the transponder been stolen by a bird?
          the green lines want show the flight track, this was a severe reception problem, when receiving GPS signals on the ground. In-air it might be a similar issue. In case, positions jump that way, the green lines suppose, there must be huge jumps or steps in airspeed too, ranging from very low to very high speeds.


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            Thanks for the answer Gaelan.