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Italian and (in general) EU Legislation on receiving ADS-B data

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  • Italian and (in general) EU Legislation on receiving ADS-B data

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to buy an ADS-B receiver / feeder in order to improve the coverage in my area.
    However, I am a bit concerned about the legal aspect of this, and particularly whether this practice is legal in my country (Italy, specifically).

    So far, I haven't found anything on the web, and it seems that there is no legislation at EU level on this matter.
    Can anyone provide any insight on this or has some knowledge about this?

    Do you know whether public offices (e.g. universities) are regulated differently with respect to receiving ADS-B data as a private individual?

    Thanks in advance and best regards.
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    We have no knowledge about any issues neither in Italy, any other EU countries or actually anywhere in the world. ADS-B data, where B stands for broadcast, should be classified as listening to broadcast radio och receiving public TV signals.
    We have been contacted by authorities and military in many countries that has asked us to remove/hide some data, but we never had any requests to bring down a receiver or remove coverage somewhere.